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D&J ER Collets

ER Collets
Our range of ER11,16,20,25,32 & 40 collets are supplied to 5 Micron accuracy and ER8, 12 & 50 to 10 Micron accuracy, as standard and not expensive. Where tool life is not a consideration we also offer a range of 20 micron accuracy which are less expensive

D&J High Precision ER Collets

High Precision ER Collets
If you require greater accuracy than our standard range use our range of ER 11,16,20,25,32 & 40 collets supplied to 2 Micron accuracy

D&J ER Collet Sets

ER Collet Sets
Very high quality boxed sets for all 2 & 5 micron accuracy. 20 micron sets supplied in wooden trays

D&J ER Collets & Seals

ER Collets & Seals
Seals are available for use with your standard ER collets or with the High precision collets. These can be used in any ER holder by changing the standard clamping nut to the suitable clamping nut for seals

D&J Coolant Collets

Coolant Collets
Sealed ER Collets for use with through coolant tools and can be used up to 120 bar.
Also available with additional coolant jet holes to bring the coolant to the cutting edge. All supplied to 10/15 Micron accuracy. Interchangeable with all standard ER collets

D&J Tap Collets

Tap Collets
For rigid tapping use our ER Tap collets with internal square drive, which are available for all standard, DIN & ISO taps. Interchangeable with all standard ER collets

D&J ET Tap Collets

ET Tap Collets
For tapping with incorporated axial copensation. Interchangeable with all standard ER collets. The economic solution to tapping on CNC machines