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 D&J - Products - DIN 6388 Collets

D&J Din 6388 Collet Sets

DIN 6388 Collet Sets
Form A8 6 micron accuracy in wooden box

D&J Din 6388 Collets (h10 tolerance)

DIN 6388 Collets (h10 tolerance)
Form A8 4 Slots from each end, ensures parallel grip, For HSC and high precision work

D&J Din 6388 Collets with 0.5mm collapse

DIN 6388 Collets with 0.5mm collapse
Form B & K2. Double slotted to ensure parallel collapse. Form B for HSC and high precision work.
Form K2 where tool life is not a consideration

D&J Din 6388 Collets Form RT

DIN 6388 Collets
Form RT
PCM Tap Collet with incorporated Axial Compensation

D&J Din 6388 Collets Form C

DIN 6388 Collets
Form C with Drawbolt Thread for Clarkson Type Screwed Shank Cutters

D&J Clamp Nuts

Clamp Nuts
With Ball bearing ring, for high accuracy and clamping forces